Mr. Adam Joy is the current headteacher of Westbrook Academy. He dislikes Hank and wants him to move to another school because of the trouble he has caused. He has suspended Hank from school before and once tried to exclude him permanently from school. In S2E13 he tells the students that there would be no distractions to stop him from going on holiday with Mrs. Joy. Except that he got locked in the school.

On Mr Joy's arrival, he invited a 'close friend', the famous fictional footballer, Alex Broman. When Alex arrives he says that he's never met Mr Joy in his life.

Mr Joy announced other visits to the school before such as the Author of The Alien Adventures and a television crew to film in the school and says that they can film him for as long as they want and that they can even film his Mother.

In Episode 5 of Series 3 "Hank's Good Turn" a school inspector arrives and chooses Emily as her apprentice. He says that they don't need an apprentice apart from the fact of her growling he allows it.

In the movie "Hank Zipzer's Christmas Catastrophe" it is shown that he hates Christmas since of the fact that he tells the school that Christmas is cancelled.

Personality Edit

Mr Joy is a rather impatient, arrogant and self-centered Headteacher