Henry "Hank" Pete Zipzer is a young, dyslexic boy who is the main character of the series, appearing and leading both the Book series and the CBBC television series adaption. In the books he is an American school boy, whilst British in the television series.

Hank is best Friends with Frankie Townsend and Ashley Wong. His family include his sister Emily Zipzer, his Mum Rosa Zipzer, his Dad Stanley Zipzer and his grandad Papa Pete.

He attends the fictional school, Westbrook Academy, which is set in London. Before going to high school, he was previously educated at Hessop Primary. His mum runs the family deli, The Spicy Salami.

Appearance Edit

Hank is a handsome young fellow with dark brown hair and diesel-grey eyes. He normally has scruffy hair, albeit in some episodes, he is seen with neat, combed hair.

Personality Edit

Hank is outgoing, funny and creative. He finds himself in trouble, due to his dyslexia. He is very optimistic and always has a plan in his mind. He loves his friends and family.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Hank loves his family, even if he thinks they are usually acting weird. His dad tries to help him at school, to overcome his dyslexia, he even locked Hank in a focus tent. Hank is close to his grandpa too as well. He doesn't get along that well with his sister, Emily. She is younger than Hank, and smarter.

Friends Edit

Ashley and Frankie are Hank's bestfriends. They help Hank with his crazy plans and are there for him anytime.

Ms Adolf Edit

Hank and his teacher Ms Adolf don't get along at all. Ms Adolf always gives Hank detention and makes his life at school hard.

Mr Rock Edit

Mr Rock is Hank favorite teacher. He is kind and seems to understand Hank and his troule with reading. He supports Hank and helps him out anytime when he is in trouble.

Nick McKelty Edit

Nick McKelty is Hank's enemy, teachers' pet and the school bully, although Hank has had a few, brief friendships him. He always bugs Hank, and calls him stupid, due to his dyslexia. He tries to break Hank's plans.

Mr Joy Edit

mr Joy is hanks current headmaster and constantly tries to get hank exclude (expelled)

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