Hank is stuck taking care of Emily who got her molar teeth pulled after her parents decide to leave town on the same weekend because Hank is allowed to stay home by himself. Emily ends up being a pain and makes things difficult for Hank while his friends are all visiting a new karaoke establishment called Karaoke Dokie. Frankie and Ashley are challenged by two girls Hayley and Tara to a sing off. But after getting cheated out of the win, they go to Hank for help and they come up with a plan to upstage Hayley and Tara. Frankie and Ashley then bet the girls that anyone in the place could sing better than them, based on the audience's applause. If Frankie and Ashley lose, Hayley gets $100 from each kid, and if Hayley and Tara lose, they have to babysit Emily. Hayley and Tara then proceed to pick the ugliest person in the place, which just so happens to be Hank, disguised as a hideous geek. Also, Emily sneaks out of the house to find Hank.

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