Emily Zipzer is Hank's younger sister. Like Hank, she always appears both in the book and the TV series. She is a know-it-all sort of person; she can usually have a scientific explanation to anything that may happen. When she's older, her dream job would most probably be to do something in the scientific field, or an occupation that would involve lizards or geckos, seeing as she owns a lizard herself, called Catherine

Appearance Edit

As with nearly every main character, Emily has dark brown hair and diesel grey eyes, along with black glasses. She is normally seen in her prefect blazer along with a light blue shirt and tie.

Personality Edit

Emily thinks that she is good at almost everything, but one episode proves that wrong, in which she tries to help Papa Pete run the family deli, The Spicy Salami. Her mum, Rosa Zipzer, took over the deli when Pete retired, and runs it full time. Her father, Stan Zipzer, is a sports journalist, which she takes after, as she writes for the school newspaper. When it comes to quizzes, tests, challenges and debates, Emily and her dad are normally always a team, as they are both competitive. She loves it when she outshines her brother, and is extremely passionate about school and education, and she doesn't care about looks or popularity. She also hates it when people assume she is a troublemaker just because she is related to Hank.