Emily Zipzer at her new school (Westbrook Academy).

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Emily's thoughts...Edit

As I have mentioned already, Emily is a know it all and loves to win against Hank. When she's older, she would either love to be a scientist or an occupation that involves lizards or geckos. Emily thinks that she is good at everything but in one episode she learns that owning a deli or working in a deli is very hard work. Emily's father, Stanley Zipzer writes articles for sport and him and Emily are extremely competitive when it comes to quizzes, tests, challenges, debates, completions etc leaving Rosa and Hank out. 


Emily Zipzer is brother and potentially an enemy of her brother Hank but she doesn't get along with him at all. Compared to Hank, Emily is extremely clever, intelligent and intuitive and loves it when she outshines her brother. She is passionate about her school and education and doesn't care about looks or popularity. Emily is also very amiable but is not when she sucks up to her favourite teacher Miss. Adolf and hates it when people classify her as a troublemaker just because of her brother. 

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